We offer warehousing and value-added logistics services to a diverse portfolio of customers and industry requirements. Our value-added services provide solutions that go beyond the basic warehousing and transportation services. These include pick and pack and product labelling. Our warehouses which are located within the Free Trade Zones and around the island offer integrated logistics solutions that cover a wide range of value-added services.

We give our customers assurance of quality, know-how and excellent workforce to deliver warehouse management capabilities, ensuring seamless operations and to avoid delays and costs.


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Accredited by by Health Sciences Authority (HSA) signifies Alliance 21’s establishment of a quality system in the warehouse for pharmaceutical products, and to ensure that they are properly handled, stored and distributed to assure quality and integrity throughout the supply chain. With Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Logistics being Alliance 21’s core business, equipping our staff with fundamental knowledge and ensuring our warehouse facilities adhere to the standard requirement is the company’s utmost priority.

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Signifies Alliance 21’s ability to provide consistent, efficient and quality services in distributing medical devices according to the standards identified by Socotec. This certification ensures that the warehouse is conformed to the safety, quality and performance of medical devices we are dealing in.

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Professionally Trained Warehouse Operations Staff

Our warehouse operations staff are professionally trained to handle cold-chain items to align with the level of consistency and quality of services of GDP and GDPMDS certification standards.

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