Developing A Workplace Learning (WPL) Service Innovation Model

15 August 2023 | 12:32 PM

Under the NACE@IAL Programme, Tuvshin Zorigt, our General Manager had undergone training to become Alliance 21’s in-house coach to develop one formalised Workplace Learning (WPL) Service Innovation Model. He then conducted a successful Service Innovation workshop during our Leaders’ Retreat earlier this year in April, where our leadership team learned more about idea generation techniques we can use in our workplace for innovation and problem solving.

“I started off uncertain about my ability to ensure the success of service innovation coaching. However, with the invaluable guidance from the IAL consultant, my perspective shifted. The highly successful service innovation workshop we conducted opened my eyes to the transformative power of service innovation and its potential for growth and competitive advantage. As my doubts faded away, I became resolute in my determination to cultivate a work environment that fosters innovative thinking. Equipping our teams with the necessary skills, tools, and mindset to identify opportunities and develop groundbreaking solutions is now a top priority. My ultimate goal is to inspire and empower our teams to wholeheartedly embrace innovation, thereby driving the evolution and success of Alliance 21.” – Tuvshin Zorigt


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