In close cooperation with our customers, we have developed the critical skills to provide support for global supply chains and the handling of sensitive products for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry. 
Transporting goods of such delicate nature requires the highest standards of accuracy and reliability to ensure they reach their destination safely. We ensure that the temperature requirements of the products are maintained throughout the transportation process, while still prioritising speed and following a strict set of standard operating procedures.

Providing essential logistics services to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry has always been one of Alliance 21’s core business activities. The ALEX Fulfilment Hub is GDPMDS-Certified and we follow strict GDP protocols. This gives our customers confidence in our ability to provide consistent, efficient and quality services in the handling, storage and distribution of products as diverse as medications, cosmetics, health supplements, to Chinese medical products, according to the standards and guidelines of various industry accreditation bodies such as the Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

All our medication delivery services also adhere to these guidelines, and our delivery staff are trained extensively to ensure the integrity of medication delivered from the healthcare institutions to the doorsteps of patients. Our staff go through rigorous training to ensure they maintain standard operating procedures, in particular with respect to the delivery of cold-chain products. 

Comprehensive Warehousing Services

We offer comprehensive warehousing services from In-Handling to Storage to Out-Handling. Our wide range of services are customised according to specific instructions of the customers. Professional warehousing services include kitting, picking and packing are performed by our skilled and trained Operation Fulfilment Agents to handle different healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

Cool Supply Chain

Our facilities are tailored to handle temperature-sensitive medical products and devices to ensure that the quality of the products are maintained throughout the entire storage process. The ALEX Fulfilment Hub is fully air-conditioned with a controlled temperature of +18 to +25 degree Celsius and chilled storage of +2 to +8 degree Celsius.

Our trained Operations Fulfilment Agents are also equipped with cooler boxes for medications that require chilled storage during deliveries. To ensure unbroken cold-chain storage, we have various business contingencies/alerts in the event of equipment breakdown to prevent temperature excursions.

Efficient Urban Transportation

An efficient solution in urban transportation is the key to the growth of healthcare and wellness products in various omnichannel platforms. Alliance 21 offers a range of solutions to the demand of customers by providing fast and responsive delivery from the warehouse to customers’ doorsteps.

With the ALEX Tracking Management System, customers are able to track the milestones of the deliveries at the convenience of a click.